Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If they lie ...

Listening to radio on the way home and one story was about Roger Clemens who (for you who don't know or care) was and to some degree still is a famous pitcher in baseball.

I did not follow his earlier trials or testimony closely but was interested in this particular part of it all: he is being tried or will be tried or was tried on whether he lied to Congress. Really? We've spent countless hours and who knows how many millions on that? Stick around to the end for my actual point - I'll get there eventually.

To some degree the Edwards trial falls in the same category - spending millions and countless on whether he misused and lied about misuse of campaign funds. This isn't about whether the sleaze-ball who ran for Prez. slept around on his cancer-stricken wife and that he came close to being one missed heartbeat away from the White House. It's just about money and rules about campaign financing. And most of the money being spent on Clemens and Edwards is probably ours.

Yet across the country a Vegas billionaire gives Romney $10 million. Some people don't seem to care. Not sure why but I was reminded of Oral Roberts back when he claimed he was going to die or be taken by God if he didn't raise some enormous amount of money. Then some guy who was (I think) into Greyhound racing, bailed him out. I digress but I am disappointed in Romney if he takes the guys' money. I don't think Mormons support gambling. Adelson admits he is pro-choice. Where do he and Romney agree exactly? I digress some more.

My initial theme and point here was supposed to be this. Clemens is in trouble because he may have lied to Congress. What are we supposed to do when Congress lies to us?

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