Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tebow ad

I think I’ve finally seen most of the Super Bowl ads – had to watch them on-line in a friend’s office where we had a spirited discussion about one of the more (at least pre-game) controversial spots; the so-called Tim Tebow pro-life ad.

We watched it. Before I say anything else; like them or not, the Focus on the Family people are not stupid or naïve. My guess is they either pre-emptively edited the spot to please the CBS gatekeepers OR gave in to pressure from CBS so they could keep a coveted and sought after slot in the big game.

Now to the spot. Where was the controversial message? Mrs. Tebow talks about her miracle baby. How he almost didn’t make it. But she never says abortion, pro-life, choice or any of the hot button words. Mr. almost-Heisman again Tebow makes only a cameo.

I’m no professional spot writer but we also looked at Focus on the Family’s longer interview with the Tebows (mom and dad) and it seems to me somebody missed the story and a $3 million opportunity to reach more than 100 million viewers.

Mrs. Tebow was 37, pregnant and in a third-world country. Doctors told her she was carrying a mass or a tumor, it was not going to be a healthy child. As Christian’s (they were missionaries – perhaps still are) she said they had already decided years ago what to do in such a situation. Even though Drs. told her the best thing to do was abort her “baby”, she did not. And the result some 20+ years later became a great college quarterback.

But none of this even comes close to being mentioned in the spot.

If I had 30 seconds and several million here’s a thought.

Fade in:

Mrs. Tebow: I was 37 years old and pregnant. Already high risk and living in a 3rd world country. The news was not good. Doctors told me what I should do.

Tim Tebow comes crashing in (as he did in the original spot)

Tim Tebow: But Mom, I’m so glad you didn’t.

Bring in the logos, music up, fade out.

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