Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am not a huge short story fan nor am I of collections but for some reason this one caught my ear/eye so I got it. I just wrapped it up today and it's sort of like old vinyl albums; there's a great song or two, some pretty good ones and some that, if they didn't have to fill up two sides of a record, might not have made the cut.

Some of these stories are really good. There are a couple I didn't finish and one I wish I hadn't read. But I think in the future we will hear/read more from Mr. Klay.

Warning - he's a former Marine, been to Iraq so there are plenty of the f-words to go around.

But he is telling some stories that draw you into his characters and make you feel for what our servicemen and women have been through in service to our country.

It doesn't come across as a pro- or anti-war thing. Just some slices of life during and after the war. (It is over, isn't it?)

If you enjoy reading about our current situations and those that lived (or not) through it, this might be worth grabbing.

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