Friday, April 25, 2014

In the New World

Just wrapped up another book; this time In the New World by Lawrence Wright.

Wright is better known for his lengthy Looming Towers about Al Qaeda and 9/11.

I'm not even sure how I heard of this or what prompted me to request at the library - I do that for so many books I often lose track of the whys etc.

But quickly I realized this book was a lot about my growing up.

Wright lived his formative years in Dallas and they overlap with many of mine. He is older but writes of the 60s (Kennedy assassination) and Dallas politics and then as he grows up and moves around, puts his own take on the events and politics of his time up through the mid-80s when he concludes the book (published in 1987 I think)

This will not interest everybody but if you are from Dallas, grew up in the 60s, lived through Vietnam ... then you might find something to like about this.

Caution; it is long and a slow read and in parts he wanders a bit but when he is writing about history and not how he felt, it holds up pretty well and serves as a good reminder of some of the seminal events most of us boomers lived through.

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