Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obamacare and 2 million jobs!

For me the jury is still out on Obamacare as we know it today. Yes, thousands or more are now going to be without insurance because of a broken promise that Obama either lied about or just didn’t bother to read the finer details of his own proposed legislation.

I personally will be hoping for something better by 2015 when I too am likely to enter the marketplace for health insurance. As a soon-to-be-retired City employee, I am eligible to continue my current coverage but, at a price and Oh, what a price!

When 2015 comes though it has been said that we may not even have that option available to us as retirees.

But for now my question and comment is about the announcement this week that perhaps 2 million people might leave the work force because of Obamacare.

Opponents seem to be screaming that “See, Obamacare cost America 2 million jobs!”

Maybe I missed all the nuance, but what I heard was that approx. 2 million people might QUIT their jobs, since they could obtain health insurance coverage withOUT having to be employed. I’m not saying this is a good thing because once they quit working, income drops and they will likely join the ranks of the heavily subsidized insured under Obamacare.

What it doesn’t mean is that America lost 2 million jobs. No one can say whether those jobs people leave will be refilled immediately or at all; but you can’t accurately say those jobs go away. If they are needed, then those companies will likely and hopefully rehire someone to keep doing the work and that person would receive the insurance coverage just like the person who quit their job.

Seems to me this might allow people who’d like to retire or quit, to do so and open up some opportunity for someone else to take their place.

I may have missed some important details or stats here but this is what I was hearing on the radio earlier this week.

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