Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Got home last night to find Patti watching Hannity. I usually don’t and after a few minutes I remembered why. It has NOTHING to do with his opinions but rather his style.

The first segment had three guests. I totally get that being a liberal on his show is not going to be pleasant and am frankly surprised why some folks even bother to accept (I guess the desire for a few minutes of exposure outweighs their dislike of pain!). I expect he will cut them off, loudly disagree etc. But it still bothers me when he interrupts people and they can’t finish a sentence or a thought. (Note: one of my absolute pet peeves is being interrupted. Which is often because I talk too much and use too many words!)

But then he had kindred spirit Ann Coulter as his next guest. Now she’s bright and even reasonably pretty (if not perhaps anorexically thin) and so not always bad to watch but …

I lost count of how many times he interrupted her.  I’m sure she made some good points but in between the interruptions, I can’t tell you much of what she said.

I don’t understand why ANY of his guests tolerate his rudeness.

I have watched Hannity a few times before in my life and usually it devolves into a shouting match where as things get louder and louder, there is less and less meaning.  Passes the time but does NOT pass for quality information or entertainment.

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