Thursday, September 5, 2013


As a teenager and young adult, I remained mostly ill-informed about the Vietnam War (which might explain my rather inordinate fascination with it now) and years later found myself woefully uninformed on the whole Balkan-Serbian-Croatian-ethnic cleansing debacle of the early 90s.

As we now contemplate what (if anything) the U.S. might or should not do in response to Syria’s recent use of chemical weapons, I find myself reading numerous articles and editorials about it.

One thing that happened back in the 90s – this before the internet as we know and love it now provides 24/7 unlimited access to information – I got crisis fatigue. I just couldn’t keep up and got tired so I tuned out.

Fortunately things turned out OK and the events in the Balkans were not a threat to our ongoing peace and prosperity.

What’s going on in Syria has already impacted more than 200,000 Syrians and countless others in neighboring countries. If unchecked or provoked, it could spread across the middle east and most certainly begin to impact us on a daily basis – if not now, perhaps a few months (or years) from now.

So with that in mind I’m trying to keep up with the flow of information. In a coming series of blogs I will share some of that for those who might care to have a curated selection of readings.

As I noted in a previous FB post, I tend to range far and wide will absorb both liberal and conservative perspectives; although the labels don’t fit very well in this situation.

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