Thursday, July 11, 2013


I’ve written two songs in my entire life. One was a short sappy song to a girl back in the early 70s.

I write and create things almost everyday but for some reason song-writing is not something in my creative wheelhouse. A few years ago, inspiration (maybe) struck and I penned another song. This one is supposed to be blues.

I can hum or sing you the tune but I have no idea how to get that aspect down on paper because I don’t write music. I play and sing by ear (with pretty good pitch by the way!) but don’t know much about keys and time signs and the like.

So this is lyrics only. I’ve sent it to a couple of artists but only one wrote me back to say he only performed his own songs but thanks anyway. I entered it into a contest but didn’t even get an honorable mention so I share this mediocre ditty.

I apologize if the title and a word or two offend anyone. Not intended.

white boy’s blues

they say us white boys
just cannot play the blues
well let me tell you son
I’ll play ‘em any ole way I choose

 ch.    I get ‘em early in the morning
         I get ‘em late at night
         but I get ‘em most of all
         when my baby won’t hold me tight

a bluesman needs a helper
BB’s still got his Lucille
but all I got is this old guitar
you know how it makes me feel

ch.     I got ‘em early this morning
         probably have ‘em well into the night
         I just gotta find my baby
         so we can make things right

I know just what you’re thinking
and I ain’t sure what to do
but you can sure bet that this ole
white boy’s got the blues

ch.     I need ‘em early in the morning
         I need ‘em late at night
         and if my baby wont be there to help me
         things just wont be right

vince crunk 3/6/97 (yes I really did write this in 1997!)

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