Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Audience Development

Our vocabularies have to keep changing. I’m still not ready to use “reach out” when what I really mean is call you or write you or …

I got an email from a magazine thanking me for my subscription (they give it for free so maybe I should be thanking them!)

It was signed by a lady with the title, “Audience Development.”

I work in television AND government (not as scary as it sounds!) so that term would mean we need more people in our audiences watching, listening etc. I don’t recall ever hearing the term “audience” in the context of a magazine subscription. Maybe the readers are the audience but just don’t think of describing them that way.

In my day this was called “circulation.” Maybe an odd word but a familiar one.

I suppose this is all part of the larger context of all media companies trying to survive in the ever-changing world.

But I’m not sure semantics and clever job titles are going to do it.

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