Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boleto by Alyson Hagy

Not sure how I found this book or this author but … just wrapped this one up.

While I was disappointed in the way the book ended (my wife helped me get a better handle on just what happened) overall Hagy writes with a tight prose style that could remind one of Cormac McCarthy. Not as rough perhaps but I’ll bet if she listed her influences, he’d be one.

I guess because my daughter lives out west now, we have horses and because maybe someday the two will come together somehow, I enjoyed the setting and culture of her book.

I really liked the first two-thirds – as noted I did not like the ending. But I guess I can savor the parts I did like.

So if you like horses (but this is not a horse book), if you like the west (but it is not just about the west) and you appreciate well crafted sentences … then maybe check her out.

I’ve already requested two more of her novels from the library. We’ll see how they go.

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