Wednesday, July 18, 2012


For those who don’t have this word in their vocab, it simply means praying to God for another’s needs.

If you don’t pray or don’t believe in prayer then stop reading now because this won’t mean anything to you and you’ll likely lump me with some religiously fanatical nut-jobs.

OK I’m not one (a nut job OR a real intercessor) but … I do have a long (and always seems to be growing) list of people I try to pray for.

Hardly seems like a week goes by that I don’t hear about someone I should add to my list.

I can’t and don’t spend a great deal of time on each person. My dilemma comes from this: when is it ok to stop praying for someone?

For years I’ve been praying for an older couple in our church. The lady of this couple probably qualified as a minor saint and an intercessor of the first order.

Well, she died recently. I still remember her husband and since I’ve prayed their names for so long, I still say hers because I always said it first.

I have several other names on my list and I’m not sure why for some of them. They just are. I guess at some point I felt like I should add them but then again I seem to have this issue with when can I quit?

Several days a week I pass a playground where this tall skinny kid is often swinging. I really think I understand what he is doing. Why would a 15-20 year old spend that much time in a swing unless it made him feel better? I pray for him. I don’t know his name but I pray for him and his family. If I didn’t think I might get accused of something untoward (isn’t this sad that I even have to worry about that?) I’d ask him his name.

Some people write their lists down. I don’t. I tried one time and it didn’t feel right. It seemed like I needed more flexibility than a written list gave me.

I never promise anyone I will pray for them because that seems like a sacred sort of promise and should not be taken lightly. But if I get some sense or feeling (not a woo-woo sort of thing) then I will usually add their name and need to my list. Some days the shortcut I might take is to just pray for those who have some physical issue or illness. For a few of those, that’s the most urgent thing.

This is like some of those old songs that simply faded out rather than quit so I will just fade …

Thursday, July 5, 2012

the Descendants

A much better movie than the last one I watched. I've heard much about this movie and finally watched it last nite.

this is certainly not a happy tale but a good story.

warning - if the f-word bothers you, you've been warned. Some movie sites actually count the number of times certain words are used. This one could have worn out a clicker.

But if you enjoy a good story, Hawaiian music (there is plenty of it!) and scenery, George Clooney, good dialogue (f-word notwithstanding!) - worth a watch.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

it was free

DISH periodically offers free channels, I'm sure to tease us into an upgrade but Patti is savvy and checks out the free stuff for anything we might want to watch later. Kiss the person who invented the DVR!

Not too long ago she recorded Hemingway and Gellhorn off HBO.

Not sure why I kept watching but it was a train wreck! I hope Nicole Kidman got a ton of money for that since it might set her career back a notch or two. I always say I like Hemingway but really only like two of his books so I'm not exactly a fan-boy.

The story is supposed to be about Hemingway and his relationship and eventual marriage (3rd or 4th, I lost count) to journalist Gellhorn. Things get all mixed up with the Spanish Civil War, only a tiny bit about WWII and in general made a mess of things.

I watched a little of the credits to see who did what and was disappointed to see a really good editor, Walter Murch, had worked on it. There were so many cheesy effects and scenes. Imagine Zelig and Forrest Gump sort of mashed together where these people are inserted into what I guess was documentary footage from the 30s etc. They move in and out of black and white to color and back again for no apparent reason. Add a few Dali-like scenes shot in the iris of the eye as a sort of odd POV shot and well, anyway... if you see this pop up free somewhere, Redbox etc., run, don't walk away.