Monday, October 10, 2011

Location, location, location

I’m not a businessman or a restaurant owner but I’ve been watching something repeat itself for a few years.

At three intersections I pass through almost every day, are (or were, or will be) small restaurants – a pizza place, a former Italian rest. and a drive-thru coffee shop.
I can’t keep up with how many different businesses have gone in and OUT of each of these in the last few years. In a couple of cases the businesses may have lasted 2- 3 years, which in this economy might be doing pretty good. But the third one has turned over more times than I can recall.

I feel sorry for these small business-people who I’m sure lost their collective shirts (or more!) on these failed ventures.

To my title – it would seem that none of these locations can support a food related business. You’d think after awhile, folks would recognize that. For whatever reason this intersection etc. just is not going to work.

Before I forget – one of the locations held a small independent church for awhile but even that was short-lived.

I’ve heard the joke (or maybe serious statement) that Walmart and McDonalds aren’t in the retail or food business but rather in the real-estate business. They do traffic counts, demographic surveys, scope out the competition etc. for perhaps years before they go in and buy property for a future location.

Maybe these small business owners need to do the same type of research.

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