Monday, October 17, 2011

Just wondering

There may be a really simple and good explanation for this but … in my re-read through of the Bible, I started Luke today.

That’s where we read the more familiar accounts of the annunciation, Jesus’ birth, etc. One part of this always bothered me (are we allowed to be “bothered” by something in Scripture? Not sure, but that’s the word that fits.)

The angel Gabriel comes to Zacharias and tells him about his son-to-come who of course became John the Baptist. In their conversation Zacharias questions the angel “Whereby shall I know this?” and for this he was struck dumb (for awhile at least.)

Later on Mary is also greeted by Gabriel who tells her about the coming birth of Christ – her child and the son of God. Mary’s response: “How shall this be?” Gabriel didn’t chide or punish her in any way for asking essentially the same question.

Always wondered why Zacharias got dinged for asking questions.

Maybe because I like to ask lots of questions!

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