Monday, October 17, 2011

It (almost) happens

Saturday night, I was coming home with the girls just after dark.

Coming off the state highway (speed limit 60) to our town road where it drops to 35 pretty quick.

I usually coast in and by the time I hit the 35 mph sign I’m doing between 35-40.

Saturday I crested a small hill in our town when I saw the unmarked Police car sitting behind a small church. As is my habit, I looked down to my speed which I’m pretty sure was 35. (yeah, right, you say!)

The officer in the car thought otherwise and pulled out behind me and turned on his lights – no siren in our dinky little town I guess.

At first, since I had just looked at my speed, I wasn’t sure he was coming after me so I drove on down the road another block, turned off onto our road. I looked back and saw he had also so I knew he wanted me.

By the time he got to the car I had my license and registration out. He asked me if I knew why he had stopped me to which I honestly answered “no.” (yeah, right, you say!)
He said City Council was really asking them to stop anybody going over 35 and that I was doing 40. He asked me how fast I thought I was going and I told him 35. He took my license (gave me back my reg. card right then). He was in his car a long time, which made me start to worry.

Observation: when they shine that light into your mirror – you can NOT see anything. It is sooo very bright that it almost hurts! I’m sure that is intentional so you can’t see them or what they are doing.

After a bit, he came back, handed me my license and said, “Mr. Crunk, you have a good evening.” I said thank you and drove home.

Even if I was going 40 (and my wife says I always drive too fast thru town) I doubt many folks get stopped for 5 over. I’ve heard the off-the-record number was +7. Mind you I don’t try to push that envelope, I’m just sayin’.

Later that night I had to go back thru town again to pick up another daughter at work and rest assured, I never even broke 30 on the way out and the way back in. Not taking any chances!

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