Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s a small world or you won't believe this!

Several years ago – March 2006 to be precise, our home was hit by a tornado.

The oddest thing was that we had already sold the house but were still living there.

The couple that bought it were moving from California and may have even been in MO at the time planning to stay with friends etc. until we moved out later in the month.

You can only imagine their devastation at seeing their newly purchased home devastated.

The month passed, we moved out (actually never moved back in – spent most of the time in a hotel and returned every day to begin the clean-up and packing process) and they began the re-building process. They did a fabulous job (wished we could have moved back in!) but I think the trauma of what happened was too much and they put the house on the market and moved back to CA.

Fast-forward to today.

I was out shooting some video and some of the work crew there wore ball caps with Webster Farms on them. We struck up a conversation while waiting on some equipment to arrive. Our home in 2006 was in Seymour in Webster County.

As we talked one of them asked me where I had lived. As I gave the street name, he asked “where on that street?” I began to describe the location rather than giving an address and mentioned, “after the gravel starts, then our house was up on the hill to the right.”

Imagine my surprise when he said he lived there now.

Seems he bought the house from the CA couple after they moved away and has been living it since then.

We began to share more details about neighbors, other houses, our Amish neighbors, fences, trees knocked down by the tornado, etc.

We enjoyed our 10 or so minute chat, parted ways and I felt like I made a new friend; even if I will likely never see him again. Even though the house he moved into was very different than the one I lived in, I felt like we shared something; had something in common.

Co-incidences do happen and this one ranks with the more unusual I’ve experienced.

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