Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is certainly a week of transition for my family.

Tuesday my oldest had her first daughter, my first grandchild.

On Friday, daughter #3 graduates from high school. More on that in a future post.

So both of them enter new worlds. Scary new worlds. No turning back.

Daughter #1 will experience the biggest changes. She and her husband are no longer just a couple. They are parents with all the scary responsibility that goes with that. She will become a working mom - trying to do all the juggling that working mothers do everyday. She and her husband have to adjust to one more person who has to factor into every decision they make. A tiny fragile little person.

But as she has proven (and I've learned) during the last 28 years - not too fragile. Plenty of ups and downs and she's weathered them all. I hope we've prepared her for this next stage of life. But even if we haven't, she can handle it because I've seen her rise to the challenges before. She's very strong and very smart!

Becoming a grandfather is pretty easy. Go to bed one night and wake up the next morning with a grandbaby! Nothing to it. But it's still a transition. Now when I think of things, I can't help but include the newest little one. The only hard part for me is she/they live 1,600 miles away so I can't just pop over for a quick visit. But I'm already planning and thinking about making the trip SOON!

Daughter #3's transition is simple and easy except that it's not. Heading out into the unsheltered world of work and college (or not). I think I've tried to prepare her for this - although I don't think she's liked the "preparation" very much. Let's just say that in her case my "mentoring" skills have likely left more to be desired. Again she's also strong (-willed) and very smart.

We'll see what happens next in all our collective and individual lives.

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  1. Vince, congratulations on your new granddaughter! Grandchildren are a blast: all of the spoiling you get to do, and still get to give them back. Hope you get to see her soon. If you have a pic, please send it to me at . We're going up to see your dad tomorrow, and I'd love to show it to him.

    Best, Don