Monday, March 7, 2011


Heard about this PBS doc and finally watched it last night. Somewhat repetitious since I watched the PBS version of the Carole King/James Taylor re-union performance at the famed Hollywood club.

Still a nice trip down nostalgia lane. I still enjoy the parts with King/Taylor but wished they'd delved more into some of the other groups who maybe got their break or U.S. exposure at the Troubadour. Like Eagles (note not "THE" Eagles) - according to Glenn Frey, Eagles is their real name) Lots of history passed through that room. Wish there was video/film of more of it. More of Jackson Browne would have been nice.

I guess I came of age musically during the late 60s/early70s so much of my taste, what I can play personally comes from a steady diet of that sort of singer/songwriter stuff.

It is hard to accept that we will never pass that way again but those songs and memories are made fresh again when I see something like this program. I still have some James Taylor on my iPod and Tapestry in my car CD player so maybe I'm just frozen in that time.

But not an entirely bad time to get stuck in. And my daughter enjoys singing along with me so that's a nice fringe benefit too!

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  1. i'll get stuck in that era with you any time dad!