Thursday, January 20, 2011


Rifling through some CDs at the library today & ran across Sugarland's latest, Incredible Machine so I grabbed it for a listen on the way home.

I like Sugarland as much as anybody. They are both cute, she has a strong voice and their songs are usually catchy.

This album is no exception, except - what happened to the country? I don't listen to very much general pop stuff but this sounds like what THAT probably sounds like. Nettle's voice still has plenty of twang but that's all the country left in the music. Again tunes are fine - just wondering what their plan is.

Dierks Bentley slightly wandered off the reservation with his Up on the Ridge (which I happen to like) and I imagine his fans will forgive him and as long as he doesn't play too much of it at concerts, will be fine.

Maybe the same thing for Sugarland. The pop stuff likely goes over well at concerts but I wonder who is playing it? I listen to 2 country stations and all they play off this project is the silly Stuck on You song.

My oldest daughter is a big Sugarland fan so I'll have to check in with her and see how she likes the new sound.

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