Friday, December 17, 2010


Today was/is another one of my favorite Christmas season work traditions.

Every year the Central High School Chamber Choir comes to our office to sing carols. This year they sang instead at our Greene County courthouse.

The building has a large three-story rotunda. It must be more than 100 years old. You can imagine the acoustics.

The kids are amazing. They always sing my fave Carol of the Bells and my 2nd fave – something that sounds like Rio Rio Chio – no idea if I am close or not but it is a peppy little song that is great. All this is a capella by the way.

They added two to the repertoire this year – one I can’t name but think it was in German and a Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown song. All that was missing was Linus at his itty-bitty piano. Might be hard to imagine doing justice to it with voices – but this group pulled it off for me.

Every year they come back with new kids and every year they do a great job. Mark your calendar for 2011.

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