Friday, December 17, 2010


Wednesday night I was cleaning up some songs on iTunes and whenever I’d run across a title I didn’t recognize, I moved those to my iPod just to see what they were; figured I’d listen before deleting or whatever.

There were a couple of George Strait’s. I’m no big fan, he’s old school country, which is fine at times, but I’m not going to purposely listen to a bunch.
On the way to work Thursday and one of them started.

Songs have a way of taking you back to where you were when you first heard them or at least where you have some strong memories associated.

I never knew I had any memories associated with any George Strait song.

It took a moment or two then my eyes got all watery. The song was something my daughter had picked for her first dance with her new husband at her wedding 2 & ½ years ago. A close family friend sang this song while Sarah and Caleb danced.
I remember standing their watching them sway and shuffle back and forth and it was one more time I realized my baby girl wasn’t mine anymore.

Memories are great and powerful. Music and memories are emotionally powerful.

But it’s what we have to hang on to sometimes.

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