Monday, November 29, 2010

R.I.P. Bob Johnson

Any reader of this blog has seen posts on the Rubaiyat, a small club in Dallas with a long colorful history. I got a note today from someone who sang there letting me know the founder/owner/creator/manager Bob Johnson died November 1 of this year. I know I met him more than once but doubt he would remember me but he did comment on one of my blog posts once and that made me feel good.

Maybe there are hundreds of Rubaiyats out there but for me there will only be one. I can't count the times we (always went with somebody - guys, girls, groups) heard big names, smaller names and no-names but the quality was almost always the same - good music and good company.

That music and place helped form much of the music I remember and still enjoy.

So R.I.P. Bob and I hope you lived a long and fulfilling life!

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