Tuesday, November 23, 2010

recent movies

Not a very good movie reviewer but having watched a few of late, thought I might pass along some short observations (does that make me a critic?)

The Road - waited a long time to see this. I read the novel a couple of years back. Won't try to argue whether the movie stayed true enough or not. A hard movie to watch if anywhere in the recesses of your mind you have an apocalyptic gene. Could be pretty scary. I did NOT have bad dreams after watching it. Maybe because the "love story" overwhelmed any other emotion the movie wrought forth. Should you watch it? Not sure but the relationship between the father (Viggo Mortensen) and his son is lovingly amazing. But warning - some pretty graphic parts and mostly in a sort of black-and-white.

Up in the Air - Clooney's latest. Read so (too) much about it so my expectations were high. But in the end, didn't think much of it. Was it bad? Not exactly - just not good enough.

Toy Story 3 - watched this one with the kids last weekend. Maybe I'm too old and set in my viewing ways but I didn't like it as much as the first one. Again nothing wrong with it - just didn't grab me like I expected it to. Many people wrote about how the storyline of leaving toys behind etc. tugged at your emotions. Maybe I'm just not sentimental enough. I think I was old before I was young.

Babette's Feast - an old movie but a couple of movie reviewers I read have raved about how this 1987 film shot in Denmark is so much better than most of the so-called "Christian films" made today. In this case I must be too shallow and if it doesn't move along with a Bourne series pace, well ... so much for that.

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  1. the road- loved it.
    up in the air- liked it (made me want to travel)
    TS3 - still haven't seen it. want to.