Monday, November 22, 2010

one more crazy thing

I know you can't believe everything on NPR but ...

Heard a story today about well-to-do (bet you haven't heard that phrase in awhile!) women in China who come to America to have their babies. Seems there is a loophole in our immigration policies that allows them to come on tourist or other visas, have babies in American hospitals and go back home. Oh did I mention that these "American born" children can get U.S. Passports and are U.S Citizens? Just like that.

I should point out that this doesn't cost us anything. And likely many of the Chinese-Americans may never come back and take advantage of our educational system or anything else we have to offer. But the mothers want to hedge their bets - since if you follow Chinese history at all - things have, can and might change.

Another important point - seems these U.S. born children do not count against their "one child" in China's one child policy.

I know there is no simple answer and /or right or wrong on immigration reform but this is another of those "just seems crazy policies."

The story following this one was about the lottery where millions of people (8 millions from Bangladesh alone) apply in a lottery for a chance to get the coveted "green card". Don't understand this one either but will save for another post.

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