Saturday, August 28, 2010

A different summer of freedom

Way too much will be written and said about today's rally in DC. I won't add to that.

I still consider myself a conservative but I don't know where I fit. Glenn Beck doesn't speak for me anymore than Rush L. did (is he still around?)

I like Sarah Palin but not to be an elected official unless she wants to go back to being the Guv of Alaska. I DO think she might be a great chair for the Republican Party.

G.O.P. stands (or at least used to) for the Grand Old Party. I'm not sure what the party stands for or represents today. Mostly it seems to be about bashing the current administration (for which I am no cheerleader either) but I'm not sure where all this Tea Party stuff is going to lead.

OK can't resist one comment about Mr. Beck. First I heard that he had no idea today was the same day MLK gave his famous speech in DC. (Doesn't he have a staff to look things up?) Then I heard him say he was going to "reclaim the Civil Rights movement."

I'm reading a book called "Freedom Summer" about 1964 in Mississippi. Hundreds if not more white young people ventured into a very segregated south to help with voter registration and other issues. Some lost their lives for their troubles. Those "white folks" might have some claim on the Civil Rights movement.

In a final "for what it's worth" remember that Lincoln, on whose memorial much of today's hoopla took place, was the 1st Republican President.

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