Monday, June 7, 2010

Blake, The Dixie Girls and Dierks

Stumbled across two CDs at the library – both of which I’m glad I didn’t buy.

Blake Shelton’s newest. Maybe one or two decent songs but overall not a memorable recording. Miranda’s music seems to have improved since they got together. While I like Blake’s voice, his music, lately not so much. I did get to meet him once though when he had long hair. My daughters were impressed to find this out.

The Dixie Chicks minus Natalie play as the Court Yard Hounds. I really liked the first song but after that … one song reminded me of Norah Jones but it wasn’t her. Another made me think of Shawn Colvin but it wasn’t her. While I don’t like Ms. Maines personally all that much (but we haven’t met yet), she may be the musical and vocal glue that holds the group together.

Finally Mr. Bentley. Imus was playing cuts off his new project today; Up On the Ridge. Say what you will about his curly locks – this one sounds interesting. Very rootsy and non-pop-country. Lots of great musicians and the style is not main-stream which is good. I’ll listen some more and this might be a purchase.

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