Friday, May 21, 2010

on my nightstand

It's either feast or famine. I read tons. I hear about books, put them on hold at a library right across the street from work (almost every worker at this library knows me by name - Norm and Cheers don't got nothing on me!) and wait for them to arrive. Which they usually do ALL AT ONCE!

Last week I was bemoaning the lack of some good fiction to read. Then Innocent arrives - this is the sequel or follow up to Scott Turow's bestseller 20 years ago Presumed Innocent.

A couple of days later I got Sebastian Junger's War where he is embedded with a group of Soldiers in Afghanistan for most of a year.

So I'm working on both of those. Both are pretty good reads.

An email today told me Son of Hamas is waiting for me and so is Hellhound on his Trail by Hampton Sides (this re: James Earl Ray and MLK's assassination)

What do I do? I already have a stack of slips for several other books I've had to return (the library will only allow you to renew something 3 times for up to 9 weeks unless other patrons are waiting for the book - which usually happens to me - so I write down what page I'm on and wait my turn again.

I'm not really much of a book reviewer but I'll update this with what I think of these and my progress.

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