Saturday, May 15, 2010

A house concert

Reading one blogger I follow who mentioned a singer so click, click and find that she is touring England and Scotland and between big shows, plays in homes. She'll play anywhere people will put her up for the night. Risky maybe but different. She posted a picture of one "house concert".

Way back in the early 70s while still an erstwhile college student, a buddy and I often hung out at a local music store - not listening to records but rather 'bending and banging them strings' on guitars we could never afford to buy. Mostly Martins (sigh, someday.)

I looked down the aisle and noticed a fave of ours doing the same. We approached and started up a chat. We'd both been to see him at our favorite Dallas folkie club, the Rubaiyat.

We asked where he was playing and he said his dad's house. Really? He was playing for a few friends at his father's - a Presbyterian minister. He invited us over and gave directions.

I hardly ever do off-the-wall things and even though my friend could not go, I went. I've been to some pretty decent concerts in my day (Chicago in their prime, James Taylor, Lyle Lovett, the Who) but this is still one of my best musical memories.

The picker? None other than Robin Williams (before he added Linda) and long before they met up with one Garrison Keillor. We got to meet up again in Norfolk Virginia years later when they played a waterfront concert there and he remembered the gig at his dad's.

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  1. you never tell me this stuff. that's awesome.