Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High School thoughts

random thoughts on the drive home today about high school. I sooo wanted to fit in and be popular. I tried out for everything - made very little except the tennis team (on which I was very good my last two years - we won two City championships in a row - I think - although my memory is fuzzy here)

I was listening to some Michael Buble and for some reason was reminded of my own short-lived singing career. Bet you didn't even know I had one! Me neither.

In both my junior and senior years we had tryouts for our school musical which I can assure you were nothing like the ones on Disney now. One year we did a sort of Broadway retrospective thing and I remember really wanting to sing Luck Be A Lady. It was going to be a kind of West Side story dance and sing number with guys playing poker and all. I got beat out and ended up in the chorus.

Next year we did a sort of Romeo and Juliet in the country kind of thing and I wanted the lead so badly. Guess what? I got beat out by the same guy! I ended up getting one solo as a Preacher (must have been typecasting!)

But you know what? I recently saw a picture of the guy who beat me and he's much bigger than I am and his hair is way too long for an almost 60 year old man. My waist size is only 2 inches bigger than it was my senior year in high school so there! Nyah nyah!

I feel so much better now.

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