Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Brown Health Care Plan

Bet you didn't know soon-to-be Senator Brown from Mass had one. Neither did I and probably neither does he but that got your attention huh?

I really don't know anything about Mr. Brown right now other than the media is fawning over him (OK Monica Crowley on Imus was anyway). I suggest some caution for a bit here. People are already talking about him for 2012. Come on!

He may be handsome and the greatest thing since the Red Sox won the World Series (they did win sometime in the last decade right?) but I'm not sure we need to crown him prince of anything just yet.

Overall I'm glad he won if for no other reason that it sends yet another strong message to everybody that people in general my not be exactly thrilled with how things are going and more specifically how Obama is handling things. I'll include this quote from Imus this morning and leave it at that. "He's doing the best he can. But he's not even Jimmy Carter good."

If Brown's election does nothing more than send that message OK. But if it also gets DC pols to stop and take a breath over health care, then good again.

I know we need something but I'm not so sure anybody anywhere really has a good handle on what that something is.

I'd suggest reading this column in today's NY Times as a starter.

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