Monday, September 21, 2009


The picture is from the NY Times – their composite.

I did not watch the Obama-thon on yesterday’s Sunday news gabfests – honestly forgot all about it and Sunday morns are busy enough – no time for TV.

My only comment is I think it is odd that he omitted – rather snubbed Fox. I know it was payback for their snub of his recent speech. But he seems the be the Olive-branch sort of Pres.

And given the feedback all summer long, if he thinks Fox viewers are more conservative and since it seems like some (or a lot!) of those folks have concerns about his health care proposals, that he’d figure he needed to preach to somebody else besides his choir.

Why not go on Fox and reach all those people who maybe aren’t inclined to agree with him but then he could face-to-face put to rest so very many rumors and (so-called) misconceptions about his proposals.

It just seems like he missed a good opportunity.

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