Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Texas Music

My daughter gave me a 2008 issue of Texas Monthly magazine (alas no on-line or back-issues of this one available) featuring Lyle Lovett on the cover and several articles on various well-known (and some not-so) musicians in or from Texas.

Enjoyed reading it but I guess you can't please all the people ... (partial quote courtesy of Abe Lincoln) One of my favorite music haunts was the Rubaiyat, a little dive of a place that was around for years and years in a couple of Dallas locations.

In the Texas Monthly article it of course mentions Austin numerous times what with Willie hanging his hat there and all. But no where does it mention this local icon called the Rubaiyat.

Several of the performers in the mag graced its stage. And others mentioned as influences also played the Rubaiyat.

In recognition of this glaring omission of important Texas musical lore, I'm linking to an old post (on a former blog) about said establishment to see if it will bring any more folks out of the woodwork who can share some memories and correct some of my own.

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