Sunday, August 16, 2009

ranch rodeos

For the second time in my life I went to a small local ranch rodeo last night - took two of my daughters with me but the teen was off most of the time with, well, teens and the 9 yr. old was with a group of kids of all ages so I was pretty much left to myself to enjoy the fun.

What is a ranch rodeo? Instead of bucking bulls et al, this features teams of four who compete in several real-ranch events like: trailering, cutting/sorting, steer-mugging and a couple of roping events.

The main idea is - while having fun - to do the things that some ranchers still do when they work cattle.

Nothing slick but a lot of fun to watch because they are having fun too. In some cases I was impressed with the roping skills - several of the cowboys and one cowgirl in particular were pretty good at getting a rope around the head or horns of a fast moving steer. For those who follow roping (I don't) the other part is called "heeling" where you have to get a rope around one or both of the rear legs.

Watching them work (and play) I occasionally convince myself I could do some of this but then I get my old frame out of my chair and head stiffly toward the concession stand. I imagine if I tried any of their events, you'd have to visit my in the ER today.

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