Monday, August 24, 2009

Paying it forward or getting blessed back.

A few weeks ago, I got some free tickets to the Ozark Empire Fair. My daughter and some friends used some of them but we still had some leftovers. On the last day of the fair, a Sunday, I still had several. I tried to give them away at church but everyone already had plans, had been to the fair or wasn’t interested.

I didn’t want them to go to waste and on our way home (our church is pretty close to the fair) I decided to just drive by. We got to an intersection near the main entrance where lots of people cross. I had my daughter jump out while we were waiting for a light and told her to go give them to somebody.

She approached a couple and I saw her explain and point back to me etc. She ran back to the car and as we drove past the people waved etc. at us. I felt good knowing we had been part of a small surprise blessing to somebody.

This past Friday I got 4 free tickets to a Springfield Cardinals game. Great seats right behind home plate. Lots of foul balls and pop-ups but we didn’t get a ball. But it was a great day at the ballpark, Cardinals won the game, the kids had fun.

So in a weird sort of way things got paid forward. I had no idea what would come when I gave the fair tickets away. But we were equally blessed back with a chance to see a ballgame.

You just never know about these things.

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