Friday, August 28, 2009

the Last Waltz

In my efforts to catch up culturally, I got a copy of Scorcese's doc on the Band - the Last Waltz this week and started watching it.

Mixed reviews so far. As a documentary it doesn't stand out for me (yet) but maybe for 1976 when it was done it had something special about it. I also was never a huge Band fan. I like their music OK.

Enjoyed Neil Young and Helpless. My daughter #2 and I have tried that song together and completely butchered it more than once. Neil and the Band did a better job.

What's up with Joni Mitchell singing in the shadows?

The performances are pretty good. Last night I watched Dr. John. Again I am not a big fan but can he play the piano!? Like him or not he is/was (is he still alive?) some kind of pianist.

I also didn't realize some of the Band had died. My daughter came in while I was watching and asked about the movie. I told her it was old and probably half of them were dead. I didn't know that when I told her than I remembered Rick Danko passed away sometime back and one other Band member died.

I should finish up this weekend. Will write more after I've seen it all.

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  1. commented on your fb but i'll do it here too... =)
    didn't care too much for the last waltz.... but there were a few interesting moments. . . .

    bammy gillet is the way the mountain people pronounced Balm Of Gilead. i said that. you missed it. =)