Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don Hewitt, Creator of ‘60 Minutes,’ Dies at 86

This just in.

Some years back while a grad student at Drury and working on a paper about euthanasia I planned to include some comments and references to a 60 Minutes story. This was before email was ubiquitous so I resorted to faxing CBS and the show with my questions figuring at best I'd get a form letter thanking me for watching and that they didn't have time to answer individual requests.

Perhaps a few weeks passed and my office phone rings, the woman on the other end said, "Hold for Mr. Hewitt please." Quickly THE Mr. Hewitt picked up and started in on my list. We were probably on the phone for about 5 minutes but he answered my questions, offered advice and suggestions.

A few months later I wrote him with an idea for a program but he never wrote back or called on that one.

He was a pioneer. With Walter's death recently and even Mr. Novak's passing, like him or not, the industry has lost some lions in the trade.

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