Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not quite ready for Prime Time

I admit it was a mistake (his and mine) for McCain to pick Palin and mine to like it but you have to admit it was a gutsy and inspired choice.

She just wasn’t ready (think Quayle.)

As much as a liked her (c’mon everybody thought she was pretty) she didn’t have the gravitas or the mettle to make it on a national scale as a Veep. The hockey mom/pit bull thing could only carry her so far. I also realize no one gave her a fair shake but then her handlers did her no favors either by putting her out in situations where she wasn’t ready.

I have no idea what she is trying to do now but even with a lot of cramming, super fund-raising and plenty of exposure in the lower 48, she will never be able to overcome the image most people have of her. If she honestly thinks she has a shot in 2012, she is wasting her time.

I haven’t done a politically oriented entry in awhile (too much going on that I don’t understand) but this one caught my eye and ear.

I’ll say again what I said in 2004 and 2008 – if the GOP wants a chance at anything (just adjust the years forward by 4) they must find, recruit, train and prep a minority.

Don’t count Colin Powell out just yet – no matter what he has previously said.

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