Monday, July 13, 2009

Here comes the Judge

I'm not about to weigh in on whether Sotomayor will or should be confirmed or not. I have no doubt she will be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Here are my 2 cents:

1st penny - why don't we just all save ourselves a ton of time and accept that when a Democrat is in the White House, they will pick someone who shares their views. The same goes for a Republican. This dance to see how close we can get to saying-without-really-saying-but-we-all-know-what-it-means-anyway is just that; a dance. Conservatives can kick and scream but in the end will lose. Let's just move on and save the posturing for another time and another battle where it might make a difference.

Here's my 2nd penny: AL FRANKEN ON THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE!?!?!? I had no dog in the Minnesota Senate hunt and if he is who they elected - then so be it. But for him to step right in with a seat on this committee? Obama won fair and square so he gets to pick his nominee. Franken won so he gets to go to the Senate. But I don't get or understand in anyway shape or form, how he is qualified or ready or should be on this committee.

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