Wednesday, July 8, 2009

change is good

A couple of years ago in another or former life, I started a blog under the name Red Bridge Rancher which paralled our farm website -

Two problems - after months of trial and error I realized I was not a website designer and more importantly last summer we sold all our sheep. So right now we aren't much in the way of ranchers or farmers. Still have dogs, three horses, a cat and two steers but that hardly qualifies us for much.

The old blog name didn't mean much without the ranch part so ... I found a new name for my blog, which I will continue with the usual fits and starts and I got the name which comes a lot closer to being what it should be. I never intended to be anonymous but the old name probably didn't click with most people right away.

So in a sense I'm moving and I really have no idea what that means in terms of google's blogspot but if you go to hopefully it can re-direct you to

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